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No Finals = No Howard

Posted by Decker on 7th April 2011

The Orlando Magic are entering another post-season. They will be the fourth seed due to a stacked Eastern Conference. They are not at the level of the three teams ahead of them, and that could result in a second round exit. If the Magic fail to make the NBA Finals, then trading Dwight Howard this off-season could be best.

The Cavaliers and Raptors learned the hard way; both teams lost superstars for nothing, and their franchises are ruined for the moment because of it. On the other hand, Denver did not want to learn the hard way. And since trading Carmelo Anthony, they have flourished. Even Utah smartened up and traded Deron Williams before it became a problem, and have some young players and picks to show for it.

Trading Dwight Howard seems surreal, but if the Magic do not make the NBA Finals, they should force him to pack his bags before they become the Cavaliers all over again.

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